introductory flights

Have you ever dreamt of flying an aircraft yourself, or of seeing an aerial view from above?

You will receive a short lesson in theory, in which I will explain to you the most important points in flying an airplane. Afterwards, we will take off on an approximate 30-minute flight. You will have the possibility of steering the aircraft while I instruct you.

After landing you will have the opportunity to ask me everything about aviation. As a professional pilot and experienced instructor, I will be able to answer all the questions you have been waiting to ask for a long time.

The introductory flight only costs CHF 150.00

contact us and we will schedule your flight

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private pilot (ppl-) – training

Have you ever dreamt of flying over the snow-covered Alps on a sunny day, or of a long weekend in Sylt or Mallorca? With a private airplane, you will arrive at your chosen destination in no time, much faster than a time-consuming drive by car.

As a licensed private pilot, you can also charter the aircraft for your business meetings.

Whether it be your desire to fulfill a lifelong dream or even start a professional career: A ppl – license is the first step in that direction.

don't hesitate to ask for further information with no obligations

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theoretical training

Our theoretical modules for a PPL, radiotelephony and others, are popular among our customers. We focus on preparing you to pass the exam in the respective subjects from the start. Furthermore, all the trainings take place in a virtual classroom, so there is no travelling to "physical" events. Thanks to this tool, you can train wherever you are.

In addition, you can individually book theoretical trainings based on your schedule.

don't hesitate to ask for further information with no obligations

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instructors team

Roland Peier

President, FI and Pilot
Tel: +41 (0)76 394 56 87

Josef Kurath:

CGI, FI and Pilot
Tel: +41 (0)78 810 45 49

Roger Wyss

RTF – Instructor and Pilot
Tel: +41 (0)76 424 31 44

client voices

Jederzeit wieder.
F. Stricker, Baar

Fexibel und effizient. Kompetente Instruktoren.
M. Papiernik, Obfelden ermöglicht ziel- und zeitgerechtes Training. Für jeden, der selbstständig lernen will.
S. Löpfe, Zug

Für berufstätige Leute DIE Methode, um effizient und zeitsparend die Lernziele zu erreichen und die Prüfungen erfolgreich zu bestehen.
R. Pally, Maur

Bilder Diashow: Peter Arbenz