Roland Peier

CEO- Instructor - Examiner

With close to four decades in the aviation industry, I possess a global track record as both a pilot and an instructor.

My career began in a teaching capacity before transitioning to a role as an airline pilot with Crossair, which was subsequently followed by tenures at Swissair and Swiss.

Subsequent engagements led me to corporate aviation, where I piloted the Citation X and the CJ-Series aircraft.

Ratings and Privileges:

  • TRI(A), TRE(A) C525 series
  • MCCI
  • Certified CRM – trainer
  • Assessor for pilots
  • FI(A), IRI(A)
  • EASA and Thai ATPL


  • More than 16000 hours as a captain, instructor and examiner
  • Worldwide operational experience

Professional background and career:

  • Corporate aviation, Swiss International, Swissair, Crossair
  • CAA assessed as NPCT, HT, NPFO

Aircraft types:

  • C525 series, Citation X, C560U, MD11, MD80, SF34, BE200, SEP, MEP